Actually you like to photograph your own products but you still lack that certain something?
No problem, just register for the current product photography workshop for entrepreneurs and bloggers. There you will learn and get all necessary information and advice about product photography in small groups (max. 5 persons) incl. best practice how to take pictures of your own products and image editing with Adobe Lightroom.

Where? - Volkshochschule Vienna, Film und Medien Zentrum Margareten (1050 Vienna)

Topics? - introduction to theory of light, colors, perspectives etc., introduction to your own SLR camera, settings, as well as tips & to make perfect photos and picture editing with Adobe Lightroom

Target group? - Amateurs, as well as advanced, who would like to learn more about product photography.   

To bring with you? - SLR camera (+ handbook) and your own products 

Number of Participants? - 4-5 persons

Costs? - 120 € per workshop incl. use of the light and computers

I am looking forward to meeting you at one of my workshop days!

Course November 2015:

Here you will find more information


Course February 2016:

Details will follow.