Product photography is too tedious for you and you won't have to worry about beautiful and especially attractive product photos?
No problem! I like to take pictures from your products in a shabby chic style.

Target group: (young) entrepreneurs and advertising agencies


  1. You send or deliver me your product or your products in my studio (1220 Vienna)
  2. I take pictures of your products - similar to the sample images (frontal)
  3. You pick up your products again.
  4. I present and send you the photo or photos via an online platform
  5. Finished!

Product specification: All products with a maximum size of 30x30 cm

Utilization: You will receive the photos in a resolution of 300 dpi. You can use the photos for your own platforms both online, as well as for print (e.g. website, Facebook, flyers, business cards etc.). Dissemination of photos to third parties (e.g. to media and agencies) only after consultation.

Price: 70 € (excl. USt) each image and product
from 5 products 50 € (excl. USt) each image and product
from 10 products 40 € (excl. USt) each image and product
from 20 products 35 € (excl. USt) each image and product

Any questions? Contact me! I look forward to your questions.

Sincerely, Cornelia Valthe