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Who I am? 

Cornelia Kahr | 10 years ago I fell in love with photography - thanks to my dad! 

I live in the suburban area of Vienna, in the middle of fields and trees and just here I feel extremely comfortable. Because the nature is my confederate.

What I like?

As compensation to my stressful daily routine I really love travelling and exploring distant countries, as well as (food) cultures.

You will hardly find me without my ebook reader, because a good book always accompanies me on my ways. 

Beside the photography I love writing for my blog! Furthermore I am a really big Sweden fan. The Swedish Design is unique and the mentality of a Swede is impressive. 

What marks my art?

Details and seemingly invisible things are very important to me and make my photos unique. My photos are characterized through lightness and calm. I want to make the beauty of things visible and my aim is to evoke emotions through the view of my photos. Especially I would like to communicate a lifestyle and to offer a buying incentive! The unbelievable variety of the photography makes this profession so fascinating. 

What can I offer?

I will support you with PR and Product photos forward customers and media partners. Furthermore I can provide - on demand - several photos from my website for your print or online media. You can also buy photos from my Online Shop.

"I would like to capture a wonderful feeling and attitude with my camera and pass this attitude to life to the observer of my photos. Just when I see this beautiful moment in the eyes of others, I am satisfied!"

Please contact me if you have any questions or demands or if you need further information.

Best wishes,

Cornelia Kahr

Education & Background:

Study Journalism & Communication Science (Bakk. & Mag.)

2009: Euregio Fotocollege - Basic Course of Photography 

2009-2012: Photo College at "Prager Fotoschule Österreich"

2014: Foundation "geschmackverstärker photography e.U."

since 2014: Workshops "Product Photography" & "Photoblog"

2015: Plated Stories - Food Photography Workshop in France (Chinon)

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